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  • Want to buy a smart toilet, avoid 6 thunder points
    Release Time: 2020-07-17
    Want to buy a smart toilet, avoid 6 thunder points, teach you to choose a good toilet, check in without trouble
    When we are renovating, more and more people will choose to install a smart toilet in the bathroom, but the smart toilet has too many options, some little white may not understand anything, and finally spent a lot of money to buy a home toilet In the end, it was very unpractical, so today I will help you to avoid lightning and teach you to choose some more practical toilets to ensure that we will not have any trouble after staying.

    Section 1: No water pressure limitation
    When we buy a toilet, we must choose no water pressure limit, because if the water pressure is too low, it will definitely affect the toilet’s impulse, then it may appear that the toilet is not cleaned in daily use, which will be very troublesome. The toilet without water pressure limitation is suitable for all floors and is very practical.
    No. 2: Siphon flush
    There are two general flushing methods for toilets, one is the siphon type and the other is the direct flush type. The siphon type toilet has strong flushing power and low noise, and it is also more water-saving. The direct flushing method has too many shortcomings. Don’t choose.
    Section 3: Instant water outlet
    That is, the hot water is the instantaneous heating of the live water, which is relatively clean and hygienic, and it is more comfortable. Do not choose the heat storage type, because the water in the water tank is heated by circulation, and the water quality is very bad.

    No. 4: Select power-off flushing
    There will inevitably be power outages in our homes, and smart toilets require electricity all the time when they are used, but the power-off flushing can be used as an ordinary toilet when there is no power, which is very convenient.
    Step 5: Choose a waterproof, moisture-proof and leak-proof toilet
    The toilet we choose must have basic protection functions, that is, regardless of whether the toilet has a dry and wet separation design, the smart toilet itself should have the basic functions of waterproof, moisture-proof and leak-proof, and it can automatically cut off the power supply in the event of a short circuit or leakage. , And more secure.

    No. 6: Antibacterial toilet
    If there is only one toilet in a family, then the toilet in this toilet is used by the whole family, so in order to be more hygienic, we must choose an antibacterial toilet. To avoid cross-infection and affect your health, antibacterial toilets will not breed bacteria and are more environmentally friendly and hygienic.
    Regarding the smart toilet, when we choose, we must pay attention to all these aspects to make our life more practical.