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  • Fighting the epidemic-Wei Zhuo is with you
    Release Time: 2020-02-22
    According to the news on February 13th, academicians Zhong Nanshan and Li Lanjuan team isolated new coronavirus from stool samples of patients with new coronary pneumonia. This finding confirmed the existence of live virus in the excreted stool. In addition, Zhang Nuofu, deputy director of the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University, said at a press conference on the evening of the 13th that they also found viruses in the blood and feces of critically ill patients. Both of these findings suggest that the new coronavirus may have a new transmission route-fecal mouth transmission.
    If the "dung-mouth" communication is to be understood literally, it is very unprofessional. Fecal mouth spread refers to the various pathogens that are excreted with feces, and return to the mouth of people through various ways, and then enter the digestive tract to cause infection. Because the starting point of transmission is in the feces and the end point is in the mouth, the digestive tract transmission is called "fecal-oral" transmission.
    The method to prevent fecal-oral transmission is simple. Pay more attention to personal hygiene, wash hands before and after meals, and strengthen the management of feces in rural areas to cut off the transmission route.
    Weizhuo uses core technology to help overcome epidemic prevention and control
    At the beginning of its establishment, Weizhuo devotes itself to the development of remote sensing technology. It is the industry’s first to apply "separate sensing + mini remote control technology" to the "WZ" series of intelligent toilets, and has its own intellectual property rights.
    ●Automatic lid turning and lid closing by radar sensor;
    ●Mini remote control to turn over a long distance;
    ●Mini remote control to close the cover and flush.
    With remote sensing technology, it is possible to avoid direct contact between the hand and the toilet, and to avoid bacteria and viruses raised by water splashes when flushing excreta, thereby effectively cutting off the transmission route.
    In addition, the water cleaning function of the smart toilet can be paperless, avoiding the continuous pollution of toilet paper to the toilet; activated carbon deodorizes and effectively adsorbs bacteria; the antibacterial material nozzle and seat ring effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria; micro Crystal glaze, antibacterial and no pollution...
    Now that the epidemic is in progress, I hope everyone will take good care of it; I hope that after the epidemic, everything will come as expected!